Bookmark this page specifically if you're into these. I collect them and will post any good one's I find here.

Ashley- Requires - Victoria 4.1 Morphs++

Nadia- Requires - Victoria 4.1 Morphs++

Rain- Requires - Victoria 4.1 Morphs++

Oksana- Requires - Victoria 4.1 Morphs++

Lilo- Requires - Millennium Girls

Azha- Requires - Millennium Girls

Lisha- Requires - Millennium Girls

Pookling Twins- Requires - Millennium Kids - Young Teens

Sarina- Requires - Aiko 3.0 Morphs and Maps

Mandy- Requires - Victoria 3.0 Head & Body Morphs

Foxglove- Requires - Aiko 3.0 Morphs and Maps

Jenna- Requires - Aiko 3.0 Morphs and Maps

Sun Fairies- Requires - Millennium Girls

Ziza- Requires - Millennium Girls

Cayenne- Requires - Millennium Girls

Dari- Requires - Victoria 3.0 Base

Carina- Requires - Victoria 3.0 Base

Lynara- Requires - Victoria 3.0 Base

Rianne- Requires - Victoria 3.0 Base

HarlieKins- Requires - Aiko 3.0 Morphs and Maps

Lex- Requires - Victoria 4.1 Morphs++

Vivien- Requires - Millennium Kids - Young Teens- and -

Young Teens Morph Pack


This program is what I use to do my own celebrity faces. You just need a good clear frontal face pic of someone.
Face Shop

And this is a tutorial on using Daz Studio and Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to make easy cartoon anime.
Tutorial 1