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Wolf sniff large-45kb

I was asked to make a wolf sniff the ground then growl and raise its hackles, but man that's difficult to do and still keep it small enough for the web.

Wolf sniff small-33kb

Here's a smaller version on a transparency.


I made a rather large Requested horse series just because good horse gifs are hard to come by. A few will be on the NEXT page.

Lagoon small-76kb

For this one someone just wanted Experiment 27 shrunk down. This is as small as I could go, unfortunately, for you to still be able to see the water ripples. And I worked way to hard on this for you not to notice my precious ripples. I made the background , then the figure, then the reflections and shadows and then finally the damn ripples which I timed to her movement. Looks nice though doesn't it? The bigger version is better but I'll admit they're both pretty much useless.