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Schroeder, Lucy, Snoopy-55kb

I got a Request to make or collect a Peanuts set. I made this one and the cast gif below. The rest I found. It was more of a chore than I would have figured. Schroeder is my favorite.

Snoopy Typing-13kb

Woodstock and Snoopy-6kb

The Heimlich maneuver is extremely difficult for birds. What kind of bird WAS Woodstock anyway?

Linus and Snoopy-12kb

This gif makes me sleepy.

Snoopy dancing-11kb

It's strange. I haven't read any Peanuts for years, but when I was a kid I was really into them, and now after searching through their sites it feels like they were actually childhood friends of mine.


Except Lucy. She's evil.

Peanuts cast-43kb

I didn't make the individual stills. I just put them together and added the names.

Snoopy dance-9kb

If anyone has any that I missed or just good ones let me know.