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Pooh 1-60kb

Here I'll give you a choice between Poohs. The one from the movies.

Pooh 2-37kb

Or the one from the books.


All the rest are from the movies. Piglet was my least favorite tied with Rabbit.


Tigger held the number three slot for me during my childhood, but moved into second in adulthood.


Switching places with Eeyore. I think because I went from pessimist to optimist.

Kanga & Roo-3kb

Roo is still tied with Pooh for first place.


While Owl is somewhere in the middle. Although when I was older and reread the original treasury I started seeing them all as one. I think that each character actually represented different aspects of a childs persona. Put all of them together and I think they probably make up Christopher Robins different moods, or whoever Milnes kid was. It's just a theory though.


My Christopher Robin gif is unfortunately in my hidden BONUS Section, but I did make a gif from the Pooh map. It's Experiment 19 if your interested.