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Applause 4-35kb
As you can see demonstrated here, in the days of black and white movies, movie makers preferred to go light on the black.

Circus Freak-200kb
I hesitate to use the word freak because he/she actually looks very sweet and gentle.

Chipmunk 8-128kb
Irish squirrel's will trade acorns for hopps everytime.

Hitler Dance-69kb
My great grandfather was in the war, he saw the bodies, he knew the survivors, he cried if I forced him to talk about it. My great grandfather would not lie for any government or even to save his own life. If you say the Holocost didn't happen you are a fool and a child. Either you are hiding from the truth because you are a weak minded coward who can't face it or you are a liar purposfully trying to discredit people out of your own narrow minded hate. Pick one.